Had an interesting discussion the other day at school.  We were talking about someones iPod Nano, which is awesome, and we got onto the topic of the iPhone. I want one.  I really really want one.  It won’t be available in Canada for at least two years, but I want one.  I sounded like such a fan-boy when I was talking about it.  But they’re cool.  Commercially viable multi-touch screens, a smart-phone without the crappy mini keyboard, an iPod that I can claim is almost practical, it’s just sweet. Of course it was at this point that someone brought up the term iSellout to describe myself and one of the other people (Megan, if you wanted a name).  Megan replied that she wouldn’t mind walking down the street with her iPhone and her Starbucks while wearing a (insert trendyish designer that I can’t remember here) scarf. Have I become an iSellout?  I don’t know.  I had Starbucks the other day.  I tend to wear either a plain solid colour t-shirt or a black button up shirt (coloured if it’s an important day), I carry a cell phone on my hip, a laptop in my bag, and sometimes a PDA in my pocket  Though I prefer local coffee shops, I don’t actually plan my clothing in an attempt to look casual-business (business-casual is now the new business attire, so people have to be a bit more casual and a bit less business hence casual-business), and I don’t own an mp3 player let alone an iPod. But if I had the chance to, I would buy an iPhone in a second.  Starbucks jokes be damned. For 30sec of apple based humor go here.  It’s a one page spoof of apple.  Was just thinking, they have so many moods to choose from, but I keep thinking of weird and totally not PC ones to add.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll save those for another day. Enjoy.  Now go to sleep.


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