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  • Twitter threads

    I use Twitter threads as a way of getting my thoughts down in a way that I didn’t think quite worked for my blog. That meant that over time the amount I posted to the blog went down a lot. I decided it might be a nice thing to move some of them over here […]

  • My Inbox Zero Method

    Good Morning! I said I’d write a twitter thread about inbox zero, but it was kinda too long for one, so instead it’s a blog post. Here we go, I wrote this mostly as I worked on getting back to inbox zero yesterday. I just got back from 4 days of vacation, and I had […]

  • Testing out Gutenberg Editor

    So I’m giving the new Gutenberg editor a shot. I do a lot of text heavy research posts on my other blog, even though this one is basically shut down for now. I just haven’t had much to say on it. So I figured I’d use this blog to test the editor before trying to […]

  • Thoughts on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    I thought I’d take a look at the countries who are hosting the most Syrian Refugees. So with a quick skim of news reports and Wikipedia I have this. These are the countries that have brought in the most Syrian refugees by percentage of their population: Lebanon (22%) Jordan (10%) Macedonia (10%) Serbia (4%) Greece […]