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  • Ohio Micromanages PSE

    Ready for a wild ride? https://legiscan.com/OH/text/SB83/id/2745695 Legislation in Ohio has passed the house to micromanage the public post-secondary system. It now goes to the senate. It is being opposed by nearly every post-secondary association and freedom of speech association and is generally a contradictory mess. Don’t believe me? Well here’s the best (worst) bits: Every […]

  • When the opposing protest is the speech

    It was interesting to read this article in Inside Higher Ed today: Shouting Down Speakers Who OffendOver the course of a month, students on several college campuses shut down speakers they disagreed with. Why is it so hard to forge a consensus on what protecting free speech really means? https://www.insidehighered.com/news/students/free-speech/2023/04/13/shouting-down-speakers-who-offend The article portrays using crowds […]

  • Grade Inflation And Bullshit

    Adapted from a twitter thread. Remember back at the end of September when it came out that a university professor Chris Healy was part of the pro-fascism deadly protest in Charlottesville five years ago? Well, it’s important to connect the dots sometimes because he’s also the person who collected data on grade inflation that has […]

  • Alberta’s Draft Curriculum Is Built on Sandy Ground

    A former twitter thread In June 2021 Calgary Herald published an opinion piece by Dr. Martin Mrazik. It had a lot of issues, but most importantly it tipped the hand about how shaky the foundation of Alberta’s now introduced new curriculum was. “The capacity to critically think emerges from a solid foundation of well-sequenced factual […]