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Hey #careerdevelopment #skills folks, Conference Board of Canada and Future Skills Centre has an interesting document out that I think needs more discussion: Beyond Blue and White Collar: A Skills-Based Approach to Canadian Job Groupings.

It does two things, it breaks down skills into categories and breaks down jobs into 8 categories. Skills are broken into 5 categories # of skills in brackets: Basic (8), Social and Emotional (9), Resources Management (4), Systems (3), and Technical (11).

This is a pretty cool breakdown, though that it’s different from the other skills breakdowns being used by the government is a bit frustrating. The Skills for Success is right there my friends.

Here are the 8 groupings with the percent of current Canadian workforce: STEM professionals 7%, Knowledge workers 27%, Personal services 20%, Supervisors 9%, Technical trades 6%, Non-technical trades 6%, Builders 13%, Doers 12%.

Laying that out by general education level:

  • 4 years PSE or more 34%
    • STEM professionals
    • Knowledge workers
  • 2 years PSE 15%
    • Technical Trades
    • Supervisors (40% have 4+, the rest have less)
  • 1 year PSE 26%
    • Personal Services
    • Non-Technical Trades
  • no PSE needed 25%
    • Builders
    • Doers

It’s an interesting way of breaking thigs down, though “doers” does seem like a holding category for roles that don’t require PSE.

What do you think?


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