Category: Career Development

  • AI Hasn’t Cracked Persuasion Yet

    I spent some time today playing with ChatGPT between meetings. I figured that I should see what it could come up with when asked about job application documents. It’s idea of what a resume looks like is rooted in the resumes of yesteryear, but it’s not so bad that I’d throw it out, just guide […]

  • Employment Training and Skills Gaps

    Originally two twitter threads: thread 1 thread 2. Careering Magazine (part of CERIC) had an article by Malika Asthana (from the LMS company D2L) about The Skills-Gap Paradox. It showed a substantial disconnect from employers with the research essentially showing them saying: We worry about if we can recruit people with skills we need We […]

  • Short Review of Beyond Blue and White Collar

    A former twitter thread Hey #careerdevelopment #skills folks, Conference Board of Canada and Future Skills Centre has an interesting document out that I think needs more discussion: Beyond Blue and White Collar: A Skills-Based Approach to Canadian Job Groupings. It does two things, it breaks down skills into categories and breaks down jobs into 8 […]

  • AI and Hiring

    A former twitter thread In response to this tweet: NEW: the insurance startup Lemonade claimed it was analyzing “non-verbal cues” like eye movements and speech patterns to reject insurance claims. then the company deleted a bunch of tweets, and now it’s saying “we def do not do phrenology” This is part of a trend […]