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  • Employment Training and Skills Gaps

    Originally two twitter threads: thread 1 thread 2. Careering Magazine (part of CERIC) had an article by Malika Asthana (from the LMS company D2L) about The Skills-Gap Paradox. It showed a substantial disconnect from employers with the research essentially showing them saying: We worry about if we can recruit people with skills we need We […]

  • Short Review of Beyond Blue and White Collar

    A former twitter thread Hey #careerdevelopment #skills folks, Conference Board of Canada and Future Skills Centre has an interesting document out that I think needs more discussion: Beyond Blue and White Collar: A Skills-Based Approach to Canadian Job Groupings. It does two things, it breaks down skills into categories and breaks down jobs into 8 […]

  • Changing Employee Cohorts and Retention

    Originally two twitter threads: thread 1 thread 2. It took everyone a bit of time to notice this year, but the labour market shortage is basically being driven by mass retirements over the last two years, just not where you think (is the cultural moment for a Madisynn MCU reference past? Probably). Employment stats time. […]

  • Skills Assessment and Behaviourism

    This was going to be a short twitter thread, then it got too long, so I made a blog post instead. I read an opinion piece in the Toronto Star today and I’m concerned. Mostly I’m concerned about the train of thought it represents. The article, “We need to start giving soft skills more credit“, […]