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  • My feet hate me

    Well we made it.  We’ve walked over 200km in the last two weeks.  Yeah, I know, we’re crazy. So my feet are still sore, but soaking them every day has been helpful.  The tops of my feet look normal, but the bottoms look horrid.  I’d take a picture of them but they’re pretty ugly right […]

  • Santiago

    We made it. Dad and I got into Santiago yesterday afternoon.  We immediately went to the cathedral to “km 0” and took a lot of pictures with our group.  It was 18km from our start point that day, and dad and I were among the first people to reach the meet-up spot, which was 4 […]

  • One more day

    Yes, that’s right, I get to Santiago tomorow. For those who don’t know, yesterday we walked 28km.  Yes, that’s right 28.  We got into Arzura (sic) at about 6:30 pm.  That meant walking through the heat of the day. When you hear the phrase heat of the day, imagine the sun on the hottest day […]

  • Pilgrimage

    This one has to be quick as I´ve got 4 min left.  No spell check for me.  I started the pilgrimage yesterday.  7km yesterday, and 15 today.  I´m in Portomarin right now.  Tomorrow we ramp it up to 23km.  I´m hoping my feet hold out. Adios