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  • Me On a Grave Stone

    Wow, came across this online: That’s odd.  Apparently there’s another Noah Arney, spelled the same way, who died two years before I was born.  Oh Google, you find the weirdest things.

  • Ahhh Coffee

    I have come to a realization.  I am a Coffee Addict. It has come to pass that a day does not happen without coffee or caffeine of some type.  This probably has to do with only getting 6-7 hours of sleep every night and being up at 5am every morning.  That’s not an excuse, just […]

  • Book Shops and Vampires

    I like Vampires. I enjoyed reading Dracula, I enjoyed The Vampyre more. I loved the Vampire Lestat. I have watched more bad vampire movies than I care to admit (here’s a hint, look up Shadow of the Vampire). I have read the Twilight books, all three of them; and even the fanfiction that was book […]

  • Acrostic

    Just a short little acrostic I made up to demonstrate today’s lesson for the class. Just another sojourner Otherwise unoccupied Hoping for a bite to eat Nine pound steak sounds great to me

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