Publications & Presentations

A brief selection of the things I write and speak about beyond this blog. For more depth see my CV.

Career Development

Work Integrated Learning



  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research in Student Affairs, CACUSS Research Assessment & Evaluation Community of Practice
    • 5 presentations on a similar topic
  • Socially Just and Equitable Assessment, CACUSS Webinar, 2020
    • 1 presentation on a similar topic
  • Alberta Post-Secondary Roles and Mandates“, Communiqué, Volume 20(1), July 2020
  • Student Affairs and Indigenous Educational Philosophy, CACUSS ON-line, 2020
  • Assessment, Research, and Ethics“, SA-Exchange December 2019
  • Supporting Indigenous STEM Students“, Supporting Student Success, September 2019
    • 2 presentations on a similar topic
  • Pathways to Education for Indigenous Adult Learners, CACUSS, 2016


  • “Beer Barm Bread: An Experiment”, Tournaments Illuminated, First Quarter 2020
  • “New World Foods in 16th Century England”, Tournaments Illuminated, Third Quarter 2018
  • “The Lack of Evidence Regarding the Existence of Classical Roman Pasta”, Petits Propos Culinaires, May 2017
  • “Courses versus Removes”, Tournaments Illuminated, Second Quarter 2017
  • “Early Tudor Rapier”, Tournaments Illuminated, Fourth Quarter 2016