• Employment Training and Skills Gaps

    Originally two twitter threads: thread 1 thread 2. Careering Magazine (part of CERIC) had an article by Malika Asthana (from the LMS company D2L) about The Skills-Gap Paradox. It showed a substantial disconnect from employers with the research essentially showing them saying: We worry about if we can recruit people with skills we need We […]

  • PSI Strategic Plans as Government Consultation

    A former twitter thread Alex Usher over at Higher Education Strategy Associates posted in June about Strategic Actors, Strategic Planning, Strategic Hiring. I had some thoughts about it. Universities function in 10 year blocks of time. A new idea takes 2 years to become a reality, 2 more years to get working as hoped, will […]

  • Alberta’s Draft Curriculum Is Built on Sandy Ground

    A former twitter thread In June 2021 Calgary Herald published an opinion piece by Dr. Martin Mrazik. It had a lot of issues, but most importantly it tipped the hand about how shaky the foundation of Alberta’s now introduced new curriculum was. “The capacity to critically think emerges from a solid foundation of well-sequenced factual […]

  • Fiction as Philosophy

    This is based off of a short twitter thread. Jay Dragon had a great twitter post the other day: is there a term for when the particular conditions of a fantasy/fictional setting set up a particular philosophy? like how jack saint describes Sky High or how warhammer 40k’s setting self-justifies the imperium It’s something […]