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So I’m giving the new Gutenberg editor a shot. I do a lot of text heavy research posts on my other blog, even though this one is basically shut down for now. I just haven’t had much to say on it.

So I figured I’d use this blog to test the editor before trying to use it on my main blog.

Citation needed?

I wonder how hard it is to add a picture here.

Hey, cool, captions are easy too.

Well that was easy. And no need for me to add another line of text below where I wanted the photo to force wordpress not to mess up my formatting.

That photo above was just a random photo I dropped in there from the my pictures folder.

I’m not sure how the bolding works, but I seem to have worked out the right aligned one.

Ok, I figured out bolding now. I have to select the the text I want bolded, just like before.

I like that formatting doesn’t follow between paragraph blocks.

Lets try a table.

Heading Heading 2 New heading
Stuff other stuff
more stuff

Ok, I don’t like that you can’t tab between cells, but the arrow keys seem to do it.

Lets see what other block types there are.


  • list item 1
  • list item 2

I use a lot of quotes so I like the new easy way of adding citations.

Arney 2018

That’s kinda cool

I don’t quite understand the block alignment yet.

Ok, I like this editor, but I’m not sure what it will do to older posts once it’s rolled out. But a good step.



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