Steel and Forest




driving into a jungle of steel and girder
cut off from the earth beneath me by rubber and asphalt
I yearn for peaceful days by the river
where the water burbled past the stones and gathered in the pools
of leaping into the liquid ice – and feeling alive

a building made of cedar and concrete
made as the best of two worlds -but stuck
stuck in the man made morass that used to be a forest
that used to be a stream
that used to have life

dogs pass by being lead by their tamers
thin strips of cloth that Lupa would have ignored
animals contained in small cages while their masters rule them
humans contained in small cages while their masters rule them

and in the west a small patch, a plot of life
surrounded by the iron and stone
but to the east – freedom
city bounded by forest rather than forest bounded by city
but for how long?
long enough perhaps.

escaping to a green world, freedom from steel
if only for a moment
if only for a second



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