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In regards to my previous post.  I am so frustrated I just sent an e-mail to my MP Nina Grewal.  You can read the text below. 

Greetings; My name is Noah Arney.  I love this country.  I am proud to have become a Canadian.  I am proud to live in this great land.  I am proud that our country is free.  That we are not persecuted for our expressions of personal beliefs.  I am proud that newspapers are allowed to publish the truth and fact without fear of reprisal.  I am proud that if there is a news story, our news media have the right to tell us about it, to give us the facts, and to let us decide what we believe.And then I found out about the case of Ezra Levant.  And I felt shame for being in a country that is trying to take away someone’s right to publish the news. Ezra Levant is currently before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for publishing a set of cartoons in his newspaper, a set of cartoons which made headlines around the world.  And he was publishing them so that people could see what the news was about.  They were published to illustrate an article that was about the impact of those same cartoons. Why, in our free country, is a man being persecuted for publishing the news?I do not agree with everything Mr. Levant says, or even most of what he says, but this is a free country, and he has a right to say it. Please look into this.  Please bring this up in parliament.  Please stop our system from being corrupted.  And please give our country its honor back.  Noah D. Arney


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