Day one in Spain




So I´m sitting in my hotel lobby in the middle of Madrid. That was a cool sentence to write.  Madrid is beautiful; with statues, fountains, and beautiful walks everywhere.  We arrived late last night and were exhausted. The first plane ride (from Vancouver to Amsterdam) was about 9 hours.  The food was relatively good for a plane.  But they really should not serve the breakfast just before doing an extended and bumpy landing.  I got about three hours of sleep on the plane.  Four hours in Amsterdam airport were pretty boring.  There was nothing to do beyond the security check point other than drink at the pubs.  Though before we passed that we did go into a few stores.  You´d think that a “gadget store” which sold mainly mp3 players wouldn´t have sex toys, but then you´d be wrong.  Weird.  Anyway, I fell asleep in the airport for about an hour.  The flight to Madrid was blessedly short.  I slept again on the plane. We got to Madrid and after a wild taxi ride through the town we got to our hotel, checked in, and went for a walk.  Apparently everyone here walks in the evenings.  All of the cafes and such are open late.  We stopped and had a tortilla which was way too big and a nice glass of wine.  All in all a good evening.  Could have slept better last night, but ahh well. After a wonderful breakfast this morning I´m sitting here writing this, and in just a few minutes I´ll be off to the Prado. Enjoy.


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