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  • PSI Strategic Plans as Government Consultation

    A former twitter thread Alex Usher over at Higher Education Strategy Associates posted in June about Strategic Actors, Strategic Planning, Strategic Hiring. I had some thoughts about it. Universities function in 10 year blocks of time. A new idea takes 2 years to become a reality, 2 more years to get working as hoped, will […]

  • Alberta’s Draft Curriculum Is Built on Sandy Ground

    A former twitter thread In June 2021 Calgary Herald published an opinion piece by Dr. Martin Mrazik. It had a lot of issues, but most importantly it tipped the hand about how shaky the foundation of Alberta’s now introduced new curriculum was. “The capacity to critically think emerges from a solid foundation of well-sequenced factual […]

  • Thoughts on “The Real World of College: What Higher Education Is and What It Can Be”

    A former twitter thread This is thoughts inspired by a book review of The Real World of College: What higher education is and what it can be, so take from that what you will. I empathize with what they’re talking about, and I have to assume that the book itself talks about this, but the […]

  • UDL Critiques and Misrepresentations

    A former twitter thread Based on this tweet: Thoughts and feels pedagogy friends? “UDL shares problematic similarities in theory, operationalization, and research with the discredited concept of learning styles. No strong research evidence exists that either approach increases learning.” https://doi.org/10.1037/stl0000280 https://twitter.com/karenraycosta/status/1480644625232715776 I’ll have a kick at this. The problem in this article is thatessentially what […]