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  • Twitter threads

    I use Twitter threads as a way of getting my thoughts down in a way that I didn’t think quite worked for my blog. That meant that over time the amount I posted to the blog went down a lot. I decided it might be a nice thing to move some of them over here […]

  • Knowing Your Audience

    All writing has an audience. That’s the point. Without a potential audience what you are doing is a pointless and fruitless exercise. Writing out your thoughts allows you to put them in a coherent order and reassess whether or not it says what you want it to say, and also whether or not it’s appropriate […]

  • A Response to “Dear #sachat”

    Tim St. John had an interesting post this morning. The part that’s getting a lot of shares on Twitter is: “Our students and our academic colleagues do not care about your favorite icebreaker. They don’t care about what you think “professionalism” means. They care that you show up to work, do your job, and do […]