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  • Indigenous Students in BC

    I was considering Indigenous student recruitment this week and I decided to check to see if we have data about where Indigenous students go to post-secondary, and because BC’s PS data system is pretty good, we do have that data. Take a look at it here. Here’s the highlights. FYI I’m using 2019 as the […]

  • A Response to “Let the Professors Run the University”

    In “Let the Professors Run the University” Dr. Samuel J. Abrams lays out his concerns with how the University has fallen, and he places the blame squarely on the separation of faculty from student services roles. His argument broken down: Student facing administrators (by which he seems to be trying to conflate the front line […]

  • Indigenous Access to Post-Secondary

    Aboriginal people make up 6% of BC and the percentage is rising quickly. From an economic standpoint there‚Äôs a huge wage gap between aboriginal and non aboriginal workers pay based on looking at full time workers with the same career classification. But the good news is that the more education an aboriginal person has the […]