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  • YouTube – Project Natal

      [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”7″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”355″,”style”:””,”typeof”:”foaf:Image”,”width”:”425″}}]]   Huh, looks like that video might work.   Another E3 has come and gone.   Nintendo had some reasonable announcements, nothing amazing, but bringing Mario back in a host of titles. Sony on the other hand had almost nothing. Well, not quite nothing. They had one release that I am dying to […]

  • Cool new tech

    There are currently some very cool technologies out there. When I was young we had a computer without a hard drive.  You put the OS disk in one drive (the big floppy disks) and the program disk in the other drive.  The only way you had a colour screen was if it was green and […]

  • iSellout

    Had an interesting discussion the other day at school.  We were talking about someones iPod Nano, which is awesome, and we got onto the topic of the iPhone. I want one.  I really really want one.  It won’t be available in Canada for at least two years, but I want one.  I sounded like such […]